Top Reasons To Use Our Services

CLIENT FOCUS we operate as a professional business advisor vs. a seller with a goal of becoming an indispensable trusted advisor to every client. Our priority is building lasting relationships that are high-value. We won’t hesitate to share pros AND cons or say when a venue simply isn’t a good fit for a meeting or event.

COST EFFECTIVE if you don’t require our staffing onsite, our services will not cost you anything additional.

UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS PURPOSE OF CORPORATE MEETINGS AND EVENTS allows us bridge the gap between your position and the venus, aligning all involved toward one goal, a successful event.

LET’S FIND A WAY MINDSET means we are always looking for solutions in our effort to help our clients get things done and more importantly, manage the unexpected.

INDUSTRY RELATIONSHIPS AND RESPECT our years of operating and managing complex events to get unusual requests approved.

CREATIVITY that takes events from ordinary and customize them to make them extraordinary.

BUYING POWER our years of pricing knowledge provides our clients access to better pricing and more favorable terms

FLORIDA LOCATION allows us to have persuasive in-person meetings with cruise line management and the ability to provide real-time ship evaluations for our cruise programs.

UNIQUE CHARTER OPPORTUNITIES can be offered because of our relationships with ALL cruise lines worldwide.