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Full Ship Charters

Seven Seas Corporate Cruises and Events specializes in cruise ship charters. There is no single event as impressive as a cruise ship charter. A ship charter allows you the most exclusivity, privacy, and customization. Your creativity will come to life as you can design a custom itinerary, create special shore tours, as well as brand the vessel with your corporate logo in all the public areas. The customization possibilities are endless. A full ship charter is unmatched at the buzz it creates before as well as after the event. Your participants will be impressed that you chartered an entire ship just for them. With so many new ships sailing the world ranging from 100 guests to 5,000+ guests, there is a ship sailing the seven seas that can accommodate all your event needs. Call us for a charter proposal for your next event. Your participants will thank you.

Advantages of Seven Seas Corporate Cruises and Events

We understand the financial commitment of a full ship charter. We will be your liaison with the cruise line and protect your investment because we:

Corporate and Incentive Cruise Ship Charters

If you’re looking for a unique, cost-effective meeting or incentive travel venue, today is your lucky day. Seven Seas Corporate Cruises and Events specializes in cruise ship charters. This is the majority of our business. We partner wih ALL cruise lines worldwide and our objective is to save you time, stress and money. As cruise ship charter experts, we’re uniquely qualified to give you an unbiased assessment of all your ship choices and support you throughout the planning and execution of the event. Here are some benefits of chartering a cruise ship:

Other Types of Ship Charter Events

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