Cruise Events

We Customize Events That Drive Business And Motivate Attendees From Concept To Execution

Full Ship Charters

Seven Seas Corporate Cruises and Events specializes in full ship charters. There is no single event as impressive as a ship charter. A charter allows you the most exclusivity, privacy, and customization. Your creativity will come to life as you can design a custom itinerary, create special shore tours, as well as brand the vessel with your corporate logo in all the public areas. The customization possibilities are endless. A full ship charter is unmatched at the buzz it creates before as well as after the event. Your participants will be impressed that you chartered an entire ship just for them. With so many new ships sailing the world ranging from 100 guests to 5,000+ guests, there is a ship sailing the seven seas that can accommodate all your event needs. Call us for a charter proposal for your next event. Your participants will thank you.

Cruise Incentives (Group & Individual) & Customer Rewards

Travel is the most desirable reward period. No other reward motivates and inspires your participants like travel. Cruises are perceived as having a higher value than cash. People rarely remember how they spend cash rewards. Cruises will give them memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few reasons why incentives or customer rewards onboard a cruise will work for you:

Association Groups

We understand the specific needs of an Association Group. We can assist you with venue selection, member registration, collecting registration fees and other event related logistics.

Themed Cruises

Theme cruises are hot right now. Event planners have discovered there’s no better venue that a cruise ship to bring like-minded people together for a music, special interest cruise, fundraiser at sea or other group events. Whether it’s a cruise for music fans, foodies, craft lovers or movie buffs, during theme cruises, people have the unique chance to mingle with their favorite performers or celebrities while meeting others who share the same passion in a self-contained environment. Besides the excitement of cruising with others who share the same interest and having the opportunity to meet special guests, your group will also enjoy all the complimentary cruise ship amenities, including meals, entertainment, and recreational facilities.

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